Patient Participation Group

Non-urgent advice: Please note:

We currently do not have an active Patient Participation Group. We are very keen to develop an active group again, as soon as possible. Please therefore contact the surgery if you are interested in joining the group. Please read below what the group is about and the value that it has to the development of the practice. In the past our patients have made valuable suggestions, which have been implemented to improve the services that we provide. We look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you in the future

Information About the Group

The practice has a Patient Participation Group and is keen to support the growth of the Group.The Group holds evening meetings every 6-8 weeks.The meetings are attended by a Doctor and the Practice Manager, and the Group is run by the patients. A patient group should be represented by a diverse population and we welcome all patients to attend and become a member of the PPG.

The dates of the meetings are advertised on the website in the News section and in the waiting room at the surgery. 

We have a Chairman and a Secretary. Minutes of the meetings are taken by the Secretary and are available upon request, please enquire at reception.

Members of the group contribute to the development and continuous improvement of the services offered at the practice.

Members provide the practice with practical support to help it implement change.

Members can share information and improve understanding between the practice and the patients.

Members use the meetings to suggest positive ideas and voice concerns.There is a patient suggestion/comment box together with a form for patients to complete available on the reception desk at the surgery.The comments and suggestions are discussed by the members of the patient group at every meeting where they will be actioned by them where appropriate. If you would like a response to your comment or suggestion, please provide your contact details on the form where a member of the group will send you a response. Please note as the Group only meets every 6-8 weeks your response will not be immediate and therefore ask you to highlight urgent issues to the Practice Manager immediately. 

We do not allow the meeting to be a forum for complaints as it is not useful to the success of the Group.The practice has a separate complaints procedure to deal with this.      

If you would like further information regarding the Patient Participation Group, please contact the Practice Manager. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.